Velvety soft skin and hair. Naturally. For You.

Sansin cosmetic products gently but effectively cleanse and care for the skin. Their special formula contains only plant and organic ingredients, as a result of long development work – to give you the best quality.

All of our cosmetics are officially vegan certified by the Vegan Society, meaning that they do not contain animal-derived substances at all and are made entirely without animal testing.

Our cosmetics are dermatologically tested and, thanks to our successful clinical skin tolerance tests, can be used for both normal and sensitive skin. Completely SLES- and SLS-free products with a pleasant odor free of 26 potential odor allergens. The high-quality fragrances used in the products are 100 percent allergen-free, so-called sensitive fragrances, so they have no irritating effect even on sensitive, eczematous skin.

Sansin formulas also contain organic ingredients such as fruit waters or vegetable glycerin. Liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos contain natural oils such as argan and sweet almonds, as well as natural organic extracts such as chamomile and lemongrass.

Our products are easily degraded in the environment and our bottle is 100 percent recycled. This is how we take care of our planet and You.



Our shampoos nourish and protect the normal, oily and damaged hair type. Our formula, which contains natural ingredients, effectively cleanses and nourishes.


Hair conditioners

Sansin hair conditioners maintain and nourish the normal, greasy and damaged hair type, from hair roots to hair ends.


Hair mask

The natural, herbal ingredients in the Sansin hair mask hydrate and nourish the hair, leaving it strong and shiny, from the roots to the ends of the hair.


Liquid soaps

The skin-friendly formula of Sansin liquid soaps contains natural herbal ingredients.

Shower gels

The skin-friendly formula of Sansin Shower Gels contains natural herbal ingredients.

Body lotions

The gentle formula of Sansin body lotions contains natural plant ingredients. Also recommended for normal and sensitive skin.